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Districtee is an accessible and creative online platform for anyone who needs to design and order t-shirts for print.

At Districtee, we firmly believe that t-shirt designing, ordering and printing should be a no hassles process, easily done on the computer in the comfort of your home, classroom or office, even on-the-go on your mobile devices.

We set ourselves apart by providing you with online instantaneous pricing, and a seamless customer experience from enquiry to delivery, without compromise on timeliness, quality and design.

Simply choose your material, upload your print design, pass the baton on to us, and we will produce and deliver on time your quality designed products at the most affordable prices.

The Printing Mission

Over the years, DistricTee has grown to be synonymous with quality and service. Our number of customers has grown over the years but continue to strive to uphold our initial vision that built the company.

Our outstanding team at DistricTee continues to carry on the founding principle that has laid the groundwork for who we are and will continue to be.

Quality • Service • Reliability


Why Us?

At Districtee, printing is an optional customisation service after a t-shirt has been purchased. T-shirt & printing are two different entities that can be separated.
Omitting the middleman (an Agent) within the process, reduces the cost to print a t-shirt.